How to Tell If She’s Scamming You

    “When she starts talking about money”

    One of the most common questions about online dating is how often someone gets scammed and how to prevent it from happening to you. We get where you are coming from on this, since we were not quite so different when we first started hooking up online either. We spent all of our time looking up the best sex dating website around only to realize that even great sites can end up infiltrated by women looking to make the most of us in more than one way. Not everyone can be, but no matter where you end up, there are some basic strategies to avoid and ways to identify scams. Brush up before running around that side of the Internetand we guarantee you will thank us for it later.

    Does She Bring up Money?

    “She might be a scam artist”

    One of the easiest ways to tell if you are being played is as asking if she forced a discussion about money. Now, just to be clear, times are tight for everyone, and just talking about money will not necessarily mean she is a scam artist, however the majority of women who bring this up before you meet should be, at the very least, set aside for further review. Why is this? The two main reasons have to do with the more popular kinds of scams run not these sites and the working women of the night that often inhabit them as well. When it comes right down to it, most women are not going to ask about payment arrangements until you know you want to meet up somewhere that will require you to pay. Anything before that moment is suspect. If she just wants you to reconsider the location because it is too expensive for her, not so much. If she wants to come and fool around, but it will take her a couple hundred to get to you then run away.

    Here’s the thing: transportation costs are one of the most common methods of extorting hundreds to thousands of pounds out of men on these sites. Some women even consider this something like a full time job. The basic modus of operandi for someone trying to pull this kind of scam is to seem really, overly enthusiastic about meeting up with you. If she is making you twitch in your seat and want to dive through the monitor, try to reel it in a bit, because you have already fallen under her spell. Once you mention where you live or want to meet, she will tell you all about how badly she wants to meet you, but then lament that she can’t get there because she does not have the money. Most of the time, this means wiring her a few hundred to buy a ticket of some kind and by the time you have done that, you can kiss that money good bye. She is never coming to visit.

    The other option is not much better, however is will come about more quickly and clearly and so you can possibly save your night should something like this happen to you. The key is to keep an eye open for specific costs of some sort. If she says she can’t do something for nothing, or starts talking about how much anything at all is, you can rest assured she is trying to give you price quotes while attempting to stay under the radar. Not only to the sites not want her there, but often time neither do law enforcement. Either way, however, the moment she starts making quotes in the moment you really need to disengage and move on to the next woman. There are so many free choices out there, after all: no need to pay for something when you don’t have to!

    Meeting up Is Always a Hassle

    “You should try to search for the right women”

    When it comes to keeping yourself from getting scammed, things are usually a little more complex than finding the best sex dating website for your area. That is, do as much to the range of options available online as much as to the nature of having to arrange a hook up in this manner. As much as it might seem like a lot of extra effort, however, hooking up with someone you met online should never be so difficult that it literally never happens. This is far more common on dating sites devoted to finding your soul mate, or at least someone you would want to marry, but can happen even on sites like Most of the time, it is someone looking to milk you slowly for as much time as they can, twenty here-fifty there, until you come to your senses and give up. Sometimes, however, this sort of interaction can be indicative of someone at the website’s office being paid to talk to you and keep you subscribed for another month. We’ve seen the latter happen over the course of multiple years, so keep in mind that just because you aren’t giving her your money does not mean there is not someone taking it.

    Something Always Comes Up

    Along the lines of putting together an elaborate issue of difficulty in order to nick a few extra dollars here and there is, as we mentioned above, the chance that something could consistently happen which causes her to call out at the last minute. We usually apply a two strike policy to this, because, hey, shit happens. Maybe she is scamming you, or maybe she was unable to find someone who could cover her shift. Whatever the case may be, there is no harm in waiting for the second round. If, however, the second round ends in the same blue balls as the first, you can usually assume she is just working you over for something or another. Even if she is not, the fact that she is that unreliable only makes it all the more likely you will never actually enjoy any time together. The sooner you come to terms with this, the sooner you can move on to finding someone who you can enjoy. You need to find legit British women who would put you on priority. Visit and find beautiful girls online who are ready to put up a real show for you.

    She Doesn’t Want to Take Things Offline

    “She is always ready for voice chat and dirty talks but will never go for an offline date”

    The last and, admittedly least common scam out there is when she just flat out prefers to interact online. Bluntly: even if you found her through the best sex dating website around, the chances of actually getting any from this chick are pretty low. This is the woman who will prefer things like voice chat, dirty talkand role play, and maybe video chat if you are lucky over just able any other option that involves meeting up in person. If that floats your boat, then go for it. In most cases, however, this is just another example of someone trying to separate you from tour wallet. It is doubtful she ever joined the website with the intention of meeting up with someone in the first place, and even less likely that she is interested in doing any of the above for free. Always read the fine print and always be up front with women like this. While it might be fun to fool around with her online, you should never expect to get anything more out of the experience and move on to someone who can give you what you want.

    Writing a Review: Why You Should Share Your Cam Site Experience

    Using an online cam site can be a great experience or it can be a terrible one. It all depends on the site you use and how you use it, and it sometimes depends on the luck of the draw, too. Not all experiences are going to be positive because there’s such an unpredictable nature to cam sites. Every experience might wind up being different depending on what kind of model you wind up spending time with and what you end up doing with her. Still, you might think that there’s no point to spending time thinking about the site after you’re done with it. You move on and find something else to do until you want to cam again. However, there are definite benefits to taking the time to leave a review about your experience with the site. This is probably something that you have never considered before. After all, why should you bother to take the time to write about something you’re over and done with? However, the benefits to writing a review about your experience are better than you might think. After you’ve logged off from your favorite live cam site, consider the benefits of leaving a review.

    Though the benefits might not always be immediately obvious, they are undeniable. This article will take you through all of the possibilities and methods behind writing a review to begin with. Though it might not always turn out so well for you, there is always a possibility that writing a review for a site can get you compensation or perks from the site you reviewed. It can also help you find newer and better cam sites to spend your time on, and if nothing else, you will be helping out someone else who might be having trouble deciding on what site to use. Getting into the habit of writing a review after you use a cam site will help you reap the most benefits from your experience as often as possible.

    Where to Write Your Reviews

    “Let others know your experience”

    It’s not always easy to know where to write your reviews on cam sites. Some cam sites might not have an option for you to post a review on their site, or it may be difficult to find where on the site to do so. Knowing where to write your review will help you make the most of your situation and get the maximum benefits from the review. First of all, if you can post the review on the site or email it to someone from the site, do so. This can have numerous benefits, which will be described and detailed below. If the site doesn’t make this available to you, then you will probably want to go offsite to post your review.

    There are plenty of sites out there that collect reviews for sites like the one you likely just got through with. While some of these reviews sights may not always be reliable, there is usually no harm in posting to them. You want to post your review to multiple sites in order for the review to get as much publicity and circulation as possible. The more sites you post your review on, the better. It might take a bit of time, but it will definitely be worth it in the end. You can learn more about the best sites online, for example: Liveprivates, know more about this popular cam site here: and find real hot cam chicks.

    Helping Other Guys out with Their Search

    “Your reviews might help someone”

    Reviewing the live sex cam sites that you have experience with can also be a great help for other guys looking for similar content. While you probably don’t spend a whole lot of time thinking about the other guys who are looking for cam sites, just think back to when you were trying to find a site to use. If your search was frustrating, just imagine how bad it is for other guys that don’t know where to start. This might not turn out being very beneficial for you besides the satisfaction you might get from helping someone else, but it can turn out being great for you. You might be able to find reviews from likeminded guys and realize that there are better sites out there for you to use. At the very least, you’re helping someone out on their search, if nothing else results from the review that you choose to write and post about the site in question.

    Writing a Negative Review Might Get You Compensation

    “You might get a handsome amount to change your review”

    One of the best ways to benefit from a review is probably something you’ve never expected. Writing a negative review about an experience you had on your webcam site of choice can actually score you compensation from the website in question. Good quality sites don’t want you to have negative experiences with their site, so they will likely go out of their way to make sure that you have no complaints about your experience. Writing negative reviews about their site can lead them to want to fix it, and they may even offer you free credits or a refund on the money you spent if the review was harsh enough.

    Note that this is not something you can really count on happening all the time. Not all sites are going to be looking into what other people are saying about the site and even if they do, they might not care enough to try and reach out to you. However, there is always a possibility that something like this might wind up happening so it is definitely worth writing at least a short review whenever you have the chance to do so. You never know what might end up happening when you choose to leave a negative review. Sometimes the results can be overwhelmingly positive.

    You Might Be Able to Find New Sites along the Way

    “You’ll come to know about more sites”

    Websites can often make great recommendations based on your past reviews. Reviewing offers the opportunity to discover new live cam sites to visit in several ways. Depending on where you post your review, the site may offer recommendations based on how you rated the website in question. While this is not a particularly common feature, it is still worth posting reviews to several different websites in an attempt to broaden your horizons. Search engines offer places to leave reviews at times, and this can be a good place to post yours since it will usually generate similar results and help you find something to try after your experience with a certain site. If you have trouble finding decent cam sites on your own, this is definitely a helpful feature and can really help you find the best site for you to use.

    You may wind up reading reviews from people who had similar experiences to yours and you might be able to find new websites that way. They may compare the website they used to a website you used and this can be a great way to find new places to visit. You should always browse reviews after you write yours so that you can get a feel for what else is out there. At the very least, you will know whether or not there are any other sites out there for you to look at that might have similar qualities to something that you enjoyed about the website that you reviewed.

    5 Fatal Pay-Per-Click Mistakes You Never Want to Commit

    Pay-per-click advertising is a powerful yet rather cheap way of promoting your products and services when utilized properly. It allows business entities to reach a wider market by drawing people from huge search engines to their sites, making more solid the chance of closing a purchase deal. However, when tactlessly done, PPC ads can be fatal to a business. Here are some PPC mistakes that can bring on disastrous effects.

    You drew in visitors that never became customers

    One of the biggest mistakes when using pay-per-click ads is sending throngs of visitors to your site that never became clients. This usually happens when an interested buyer who clicked on your ad is redirected to your homepage and is forced to navigate through your website to find that particular product he was intending to buy. Remember, having to navigate through your site can bring frustration to your prospective clients, and frustration often causes these potential buyers to leave. You didn’t gain anything and yet you have to pay for these visits. To avoid this, use a link to specific product pages rather than links to your home page.

     I’m a Better Mom for Making Mistakes

    I’m a Better Mom for Making Mistakes


    You sent your prospective buyers to a contact page

    Forcing visitors to fill out contact forms for email-newsletters can be just as frustrating as forcing them to navigate through your website. The longer these visitors are kept away from the information they are seeking the greater the frustration they feel and the smaller your chances are of closing a deal.

    Your keywords are too broad and unspecific

    Taking chances on broad-match searches can bring in a lot of visitors but not actual clients to your site. You end up paying more money for your ads than what you expected to earn. While using just about every related word in the dictionary promise huge traffic potential to your site, you also run the risk of bringing uninterested visitors who happened to accidentally type in one of your keywords while looking for an entirely different product.

    You failed to include negative keywords

    A very effective way of excluding irrelevant searches is providing negative keywords to your ads. These will help weed out people who might be looking for products or services other than what you offer. For example, you might want to add the word free as a negative keyword since you don’t want people to be looking for the same product for free.

    Top 5 Interview Mistakes Millennials Make

    Top 5 Interview Mistakes Millennials Make

    You did not run a split-test on your ads

    Split run testing is a very helpful technique to determine how simple variations in your ads can spell a huge difference in audience responses. It involves showing specific versions of your ads to different sections of your target audience. This way you are able to determine which one works best and will bring about the greatest return on investment.

    Learn to avoid these fatal mistakes and you will have a more defined target market. Remember that a few really interested buyers are a lot better than volumes of random site visits. The more specific your market for your pay-per-click ads is, the higher your click-through rate will be and the greater your earnings also will be.

    5 Ways to Prevent Outliving Your Retirement Savings

    Retirement is just one of the transitions that people go through in their lifetimes. Retirement can be emotionally and financially daunting. You have to make sure that your funds are enough for the rest of your life. You can’t say how long you’re going to live, so it’s best to be prepared. Save as much as you can before retirement. You also have to manage your finances properly. You don’t want to put yourself in a difficult situation where you will live longer than your savings. Here are 5 ways to avoid outliving the money you have saved for retirement:

    1. Try to increase Social Security payments

    You can get Social Security payments for the remainder of your life and it therefore plays an important role so that you don’t outlive your retirement savings. So try to increase the payments you can get. You can do this through a number of ways. Start claiming only when you’re 70 years old or claim spousal payments.

    1. Manage your pension properly

    There are some workers that are very fortunate to be provided with pension by their employers. If you have this kind of pension, make sure that you manage it properly. Pensions are now being given in lump-sum amounts, and you can easily lose everything if you’re not careful with the way you spend your money.

    Don’t Outlive Your Money During Retirement!

    Don’t Outlive Your Money During Retirement!

    1. Withdraw your money systematically

    If you are disciplined, you won’t withdraw too much and end up outliving your savings. Limit your withdrawals to 4 percent per year. This way, you’ll still have enough money even if your other investments fail. You’ll also have money to leave to your heirs.

    1. Consider investing in immediate annuities

    By handing out a part of your retirement savings to an insurance company, you can get payments every month for the rest of your life. Some annuities are quite high, and there’s a chance that you will no longer have money to pass on to your heirs. Then again, an annuity is still a good way to invest your money because you’ll have predictable income for your remaining years. It doesn’t matter how long you live.

    1. Pay off your mortgage

    Dealing with your mortgage as soon as possible gives you extra funds that you can use on other expenses. Also, in case of emergencies, you can rely on the equity of your house. A reverse mortgage or a second mortgage may be obtained should the need arise.

    5 Ways to Avoid Outliving Your Retirement Savings

    5 Ways to Avoid Outliving Your Retirement Savings

    You have to enjoy retirement the way others do. And one way to ensure that you’ll have a happy retirement is to have enough money. So stick to the ways mentioned above and be wise when spending and investing your savings. This is how you’ll have a worry-free and enjoyable retirement.

    Want To Stay Fit? Check Out the Best Smartphone Apps

    With the technology that we have now, there are a lot of ways to make your life easier. If you have a smart phone, you could do a lot of things without leaving the comfort of your home. A lot of Apps can help you workout as well.

    Most of the fitness apps are for free. You may pay a little more for upgrade features to improve more on your fitness workout. And also a great feature that included for smart phone is the calorie counter. With just one text away you could get calorie counter result, before and after workout. Here are 5 great apps to choose from:


    This specifically designed for runners, bikers. It has GPS trackers that help you on your route and record your lap time. With the help of Google map it will make your daily jog more fun. It has an upgrade for $3.99 that will add up with heart rate sensor and pedometers.

    Available for: iPhone, Blackberry and Android


    This apps has been design to help you track you calorie, nutrition intake, and your exercise. This will help you control your intake, thru the help of charts and graphs. Working out should be combined with proper nutrition.

    3 fitness apps you need right now

    3 fitness apps you need right now

    This app also motivates you, on how far are you from the day that you started working out. All you need to do is scan the bar code of the food packaging or just type the first few letters of the food that you about to eat. This has more 420,000 food database.

    Available for: Android, iPhone


    One of the top sports brand company, also have its own fitness apps. Great part is, it’s for free and has personal trainer included in the apps. It has dozens of workouts from Nike’s professionals, pro-athletes, celebrity trainers.

    This is specifically designed for women.

    Available for iPhone

    A Business Traveler’s Guide to Staying Fit on the Road

    A Business Traveler’s Guide to Staying Fit on the Road


    This has been created for beginners, who are still unsure how much power they need. This free app lets you read, professionally written exercise and wellness articles. This would help you organized your goal and monitor your weight and workouts.

    It has paid add-ons that include food tracker, powerful tracking tools.

    Available for iPhone


    This apps is a full featured aids for workouts, it will teach you different exercises. It has balanced routine that will help you tighten and tones your body. This would also match your bodies’ abilities. It has a rest timer and alerts you if it is time to cool off.

    It has iTunes control that would allow you to play workout music while having your exercise. A paid version is available, and a free version of dumbbell workout.

    Available for iPhone


    If you choose to focus on cardio, then this app isn’t for you. It you want to be more extreme and hard workout, this apps has been develop to train and track your exercise. It was power packed workouts.

    Available for Android

    There will be a lot of apps that you could choose when it comes to fitness. So, the next time you download fitness apps for your smart phone. Make sure it will match your capabilities and your needs.

    Why Befriending Your Ex Is Not A Good Idea

    Ex -lovers have their own reasons why they broke up. Some prefer to live separate lives for the better. These people sometimes think that being single is happier than being committed to somebody. Whatever the reasons behind that breaking of chains, it is always true that break ups have only two outcomes, sometimes bitterness, and others end up being true friends.

    For many people, befriending your ex is a bad idea because of many things that may possibly occur.

    Inevitable Scenarios When Ex-Lovers Collide

    1) Quarrels

    When ex-lovers have conversations about their bitter past, they end up quarrelling. The blaming, the regrets, and broken trusts are always the causes for these quarrels. Instead building a friendship between the two, things would become impossible because of the unfinished issues they have with their past relationship.

    4 Ways to Befriend Your Ex

    4 Ways to Befriend Your Ex

    2) Regrets

    Some people do have many regrets when they realized that they had let go the best person of their life. When they get to know more about their ex-mate by being friends, on how his/her life changes after the break up, those who made the decision of breaking up would tend to blame themselves for committing the most stupid mistake.

    3) Comparisons

    When these ex-mates have finally moved on having their own new partners, when they become friends, comparisons are expected. This is the common cause of lover’s quarrels. New partners would feel jealous and they sometimes become very suspicious of every move of their partner knowing that his/her partner is befriending people from his/her past.

    4) Trapped

    Some people think that break up is not the end of everything. These people exert efforts in order to befriend their ex just because they cannot move on. They are denying the truth that they are no longer in a relationship and they settled just being friends. This is not a healthy set-up especially for those who are still hopeful. These individuals are trapped in their past and befriending is complicating everything.

    Can You Stay Friends With Your Ex After The Breakup?

    Can You Stay Friends With Your Ex After The Breakup?

    How to Avoid Befriending Your Ex

    If your ex is still haunting you, then you should first assess yourself if you are ready to move on and forget everything. In order to make your plan of not befriending your ex-lover be an effective move to make, then you should convince first yourself that what you are doing is for the good.

    It is never easy to avoid somebody whom you want to be with almost every minute of every day. Try to understand that avoiding your ex means creating a new life without that person and putting him aside as just part of your past.

    Especially when you are in a new relationship, in order not to create any misunderstandings between you too, considering of befriending your ex should not be on your list. This does not mean that you will forget totally all the moments you had with your ex-lover, rather this is just a way of accepting the reality that there are people we meet that ought to be a lesson and not a blessing.

    5 Gadgets You Need – Besides Your Smartphone!

    Smartphones have become a rather big technological breakthrough because well, it’s a smartphone! They’re not just cellphones for you to text and/or call anymore; you could still do that and many more. You could surf the internet, take fair-quality photos, store and save documents, remind you of important errands or dates, and many more! Sometimes we get so engrossed with our smartphones, we don’t realize that there are other gadgets that we may need asides from our beloved smartphones.

    So what exactly are these gadgets we supposedly need besides our smartphones? Well, if you read on, you will find 5 of these needed gadgets that are just as helpful as your smartphones.

    Wireless jams with the Jambox Bluetooth Speaker

    This is a $130 brick-shaped speaker that produces decent audio quality and it’s very easy to bring around anywhere and everywhere. You wouldn’t have to fuss with wires like the ordinary speakers as you just have to connect this little thing with any iPod, laptop, tablet or whatever to play some tunes wherever you go. These are speakers with little to no hassle in carrying around and setting up.

    Way to extend smartphone battery life

    Way to extend smartphone battery life

    This can be purchased in companies like Soundfreaq, Jensen and Logitech.

    Thin and portable MacBook Air

    Though it’s rather expensive with its $1,000 price, the MacBook Air still deems more useful than an iPad. Especially when it comes to work that involves a lot of travelling and going around. Though it doesn’t have as much power as traditional laptops for professional video editors, the MacBook Air is ideal for other professions that involve a lot of computer work.

    Long-lasting good quality router, ASUS Router

    Some people would settle with cheap routers that would eventually break and force them to buy a new, cheap one. This may seem thrifty but it’s not, because buying a dozen cheap routers in a year will definitely be more expensive than just buying one expensive router that will last 10 times longer than the cheap ones. The ASUS Router may be pricey at $130, but it’ll be a good investment and it’s also very easy to setup, fast and reliable.

    Massive file storage with Synology NAS

    It may look a little bulky and intimidating but this is the best way to keep and store your documents if ever you laptop’s storage starts getting overloaded. You could also conveniently store movies and other entertainment files without having to feel sorry for your laptop’s memory. Yes it’s big and it costs $300, but it’s a good way to still keep your files and prevent your laptop from crashing.

    Lates Smart Phone News and Gadget Reviews

    Lates Smart Phone News and Gadget Reviews

    Plan B, the Backup Battery

    Surely everyone’s gone through the feeling of having your phone die in the middle of the day, because let’s face it, smartphones don’t have the battery lives of the gods. Sure we could bring the chargers around but then we would scramble to look for the nearest outlet, and who really wants to deal with the mess of wires? All the more reason you should get a backup battery, which sometimes comes in iPhone cases or keychain accessories.

    Our smartphones will still probably be really important to us, but it’s good to know a few other gadgets that would deem rather helpful for our everyday lives.