5 Fatal Pay-Per-Click Mistakes You Never Want to Commit

Pay-per-click advertising is a powerful yet rather cheap way of promoting your products and services when utilized properly. It allows business entities to reach a wider market by drawing people from huge search engines to their sites, making more solid the chance of closing a purchase deal. However, when tactlessly done, PPC ads can be fatal to a business. Here are some PPC mistakes that can bring on disastrous effects.

You drew in visitors that never became customers

One of the biggest mistakes when using pay-per-click ads is sending throngs of visitors to your site that never became clients. This usually happens when an interested buyer who clicked on your ad is redirected to your homepage and is forced to navigate through your website to find that particular product he was intending to buy. Remember, having to navigate through your site can bring frustration to your prospective clients, and frustration often causes these potential buyers to leave. You didn’t gain anything and yet you have to pay for these visits. To avoid this, use a link to specific product pages rather than links to your home page.

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I’m a Better Mom for Making Mistakes


You sent your prospective buyers to a contact page

Forcing visitors to fill out contact forms for email-newsletters can be just as frustrating as forcing them to navigate through your website. The longer these visitors are kept away from the information they are seeking the greater the frustration they feel and the smaller your chances are of closing a deal.

Your keywords are too broad and unspecific

Taking chances on broad-match searches can bring in a lot of visitors but not actual clients to your site. You end up paying more money for your ads than what you expected to earn. While using just about every related word in the dictionary promise huge traffic potential to your site, you also run the risk of bringing uninterested visitors who happened to accidentally type in one of your keywords while looking for an entirely different product.

You failed to include negative keywords

A very effective way of excluding irrelevant searches is providing negative keywords to your ads. These will help weed out people who might be looking for products or services other than what you offer. For example, you might want to add the word free as a negative keyword since you don’t want people to be looking for the same product for free.

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You did not run a split-test on your ads

Split run testing is a very helpful technique to determine how simple variations in your ads can spell a huge difference in audience responses. It involves showing specific versions of your ads to different sections of your target audience. This way you are able to determine which one works best and will bring about the greatest return on investment.

Learn to avoid these fatal mistakes and you will have a more defined target market. Remember that a few really interested buyers are a lot better than volumes of random site visits. The more specific your market for your pay-per-click ads is, the higher your click-through rate will be and the greater your earnings also will be.

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