Why Befriending Your Ex Is Not A Good Idea

Ex -lovers have their own reasons why they broke up. Some prefer to live separate lives for the better. These people sometimes think that being single is happier than being committed to somebody. Whatever the reasons behind that breaking of chains, it is always true that break ups have only two outcomes, sometimes bitterness, and others end up being true friends.

For many people, befriending your ex is a bad idea because of many things that may possibly occur.

Inevitable Scenarios When Ex-Lovers Collide

1) Quarrels

When ex-lovers have conversations about their bitter past, they end up quarrelling. The blaming, the regrets, and broken trusts are always the causes for these quarrels. Instead building a friendship between the two, things would become impossible because of the unfinished issues they have with their past relationship.

4 Ways to Befriend Your Ex

4 Ways to Befriend Your Ex

2) Regrets

Some people do have many regrets when they realized that they had let go the best person of their life. When they get to know more about their ex-mate by being friends, on how his/her life changes after the break up, those who made the decision of breaking up would tend to blame themselves for committing the most stupid mistake.

3) Comparisons

When these ex-mates have finally moved on having their own new partners, when they become friends, comparisons are expected. This is the common cause of lover’s quarrels. New partners would feel jealous and they sometimes become very suspicious of every move of their partner knowing that his/her partner is befriending people from his/her past.

4) Trapped

Some people think that break up is not the end of everything. These people exert efforts in order to befriend their ex just because they cannot move on. They are denying the truth that they are no longer in a relationship and they settled just being friends. This is not a healthy set-up especially for those who are still hopeful. These individuals are trapped in their past and befriending is complicating everything.

Can You Stay Friends With Your Ex After The Breakup?

Can You Stay Friends With Your Ex After The Breakup?

How to Avoid Befriending Your Ex

If your ex is still haunting you, then you should first assess yourself if you are ready to move on and forget everything. In order to make your plan of not befriending your ex-lover be an effective move to make, then you should convince first yourself that what you are doing is for the good.

It is never easy to avoid somebody whom you want to be with almost every minute of every day. Try to understand that avoiding your ex means creating a new life without that person and putting him aside as just part of your past.

Especially when you are in a new relationship, in order not to create any misunderstandings between you too, considering of befriending your ex should not be on your list. This does not mean that you will forget totally all the moments you had with your ex-lover, rather this is just a way of accepting the reality that there are people we meet that ought to be a lesson and not a blessing.

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