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Where’s Alexa At Now?

Alexa must be the smartest hardest working woman on the planet. Probably also the most patient. She makes other hardworking women (and men) be much more productive and happy. There is a whole range of device that can be used to connect to Alexa. From Amazon alone, there are 5 devices in the Echo range that have been specifically designed to work with Alexa. These devices are The Echo Dot, Echo, Echo Plus, Echo Spot and Echo Show.

All of these devices share a common goal: be the device that connects you and Alexa. From there they help Alexa help you by managing your home and giving you the information you require. All of them can start any smart appliance, get weather information, make calls, order an Uber or Pizza, get you a recipe or buy something on Amazon. All of them look good and have excellent listening skills – all of the devices have high-end microphones, that utilizes noise cancelation technology to be able to hear you from across the room.

The range can be divided into two groups – those with a screen and those without. There are three models without a screen: The Echo Dot, The Echo, and the Echo Plus. The Echo Dot is the smallest of the bunch and has the most basic interface. At 1.3 in tall, the tiny little device has some buttons mounted on a disc-like shape that comes in seven colors. The Echo is the first device with a speaker meant for music streaming. The Echo stands at 5.8 in tall and the speakers are positioned to produce a 360-degree music experience. The Echo plus does what it says on the box: it’s like the Echo but a step better. The Echo Plus has a better speaker and is larger than the Echo (9.4 in). Bigger build for a bigger sound.

The two models with a screen are the Echo Show and the Echo Spot. The Echo Spot is a fun looking little guy with big possibilities. With practical applications like a bedside clock and baby monitor amongst the hundreds of other uses, it’s a lot in a small body. The Echo Show is a larger, fancier version of the Spot. Excellent for browsing through a news feed, looking up lyrics of your favorite new song, or video calling someone.

The Echo range is a well thought out range made for Alexa and her friends.